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A bit about me


My love for computers goes as far back as I can remember.  Growing up on a small Island in the Caribbean, there were only a handful of people who owned a personal computer.  Going to school had a new meaning, as it meant that I would be able to use a computer, despite the fact that I would be sharing it with someone else.

I created my first website using Macromedia Flash, simply because that was the craze back then. My goal now as a designer is to create unique designs that cater to my clients.
I acknowledge that with the staggering amount of people online, it is essential for a business/organization to have a web presence...getting the exposure they need on the World Wide Web and to remain relevant.

I enjoy designing because I am constantly learning something new. In addition, I get a sense of pleasure taking someone’s thought and Idea then bringing it to life, this is probably the most rewarding aspect of the design process for me, but I enjoy every moment.

"We put ez in Dezign"

Recent Work

CTB Circle s

In this project the client wanted to change the logo for Crash The Boards Entertainment without doing a total overhaul.
The goal for the rebranding was to highlight the name of the company so that it could be easily identified.
The finish version of the logo was done in black and white so that the client can use them interchangeably.
The tools used for the logo design was Photoshop and Illustrator.

Bolahun Worldwide

Bolahaun worldwide is a nonprofit organization.
The organization consists of people who worked or attended Bolahaun Mission schools in Bolahun, Liberia.

The website was created so that past student and friends of Bolahun could be aware of what was taking place in Bolahun and help to contribute to the cause.

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